We are lucky enough to be able to offer all members of the LGBT+ community the ability to gather together in a safe environment in order to support each other and develop friendships whether they be short or life long, and this includes those who identify as trans, intersex or gender fluid.

LGBT+ PLUS now has access to meeting rooms which are private with comfortable furnishing and other facilities in order for you to meet similar people and feel completely safe and secure whilst together in this environment.

We are currently searching for a person or a group of people who would like to organise social gatherings, events and activities customised for trans, intersex and gender fluid individuals. We are fully supported by the LGBT Foundation's Trans Manchester group who are available to provide further advice in providing an ideal local programme for LGBT+ PLUS Trans here in Stockport...

Do you fancy working with us to get this project off the ground?

Contact us now on info@stockportplus.org and let's provide the right support structure for those who identify in this way within our local community.