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What is LGBT+ PLUS Spectrum?

We have found that there is very little awareness and dedicated support groups catering to neurodiversity and pan-disability within the LGBT+ community. This is the reason why we have decided to create this brand new sub-group to enable those who can identify in this way to network with other likeminded people; and in doing so encourage each other to share ideas, which will create accessible social networking opportunities and fun activities.

What is our primary mission?

Our primary mission for Spectrum is to help our members to overcome any type of social anxiety through fostering supportive friendships within our small group; and in doing so encourage each other to develop the self-confidence required to step into and experience new and exciting social environments. Our recent events have ranged from adrenaline filled go-karting to the slightly more chilled retro gaming club nights.

Who can join LGBT+ PLUS Spectrum?

As with all other aspects of LGBT+ PLUS there is no formal membership and you may casually attend any social whenever you like. We primarily aim to encourage anyone who identifies as neuro-diverse and/or pan-disabled (physically disabled). We also happily accept carers and anyone who would like to support us in enhancing and evolving this exciting and new alternative provision.

When and where do LGBT+ PLUS Spectrum meet?

To ensure we can be accessible to as many members as possible we meet regularly via Zoom on a bi-weekly basis (every 2 weeks) in the evening, however we also meet for in-person activities within Stockport and Greater Manchester. As we regularly meet online we accept new members based anywhere within the United Kingdom. To ensure safeguarding we do not accept access to people living abroad.

Who coordinates LGBT+ PLUS Spectrum?

A coordinator for the subgroup is appointed from a volunteer within our own membership with the approval of Stockport LGBT+ PLUS executive committee. The coordinator ensures that all meetings and activities are carefully planned and undertaken safely to the wellbeing of members. The coordinator will keep up to date new developments and communicate with the executive committee.

Our current coordinator for Spectrum is Ciaran Eldrett who is 25 years old and lives with the condition known as Cerebral Palsy. Ciaran is also a passionate member of the furry fandom community.

Ok I’m in. How do I sign up?

If you would like to apply to join LGBT+ PLUS Spectrum we simply ask that you complete this quick and easy online form to introduce yourself: Request to join

You are also welcome to email the subgroup directly at We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are on social media then you may request to join the LGBT+ PLUS Spectrum Facebook group right here