About us

LGBT+ PLUS is a grass roots social group which was founded under the original name 'People Like Us Stockport' in March 2004 by local members of Stockport's LGBT+ community. We remain a very popular and growing social group as we work to continually develop our programme offering. In 2019 on our 15th Anniversary we proudly re-launched ourselves with an entirely brand new look as the newly evolved 'LGBT+ PLUS'.

Our main aims are to provide support and to increase general wellbeing by bringing the LGBT+ community together to socialise and inform each other, whilst also actively remaining interconnected with the wider LGBT+ network nationally and beyond both online and offline.

The central hub of LGBT+ PLUS is the regular monthly social meeting where all LGBT+ individuals can come together to socialise, eat, drink and enjoy themselves. This is also a great opportunity to discuss ideas to plan new and exciting events and activities, for more information visit this link.. LGBT+ PLUS Socials.

Our newest sub group to join the LGBT+ PLUS family!

LGBT+ PLUS Spectrum is an exciting and more intimate networking hub catering to those members of our community who identify as neurodiverse or pan-disabled. Suporters are also welcome. Aiming to provide a safe space for regular online social via zoom, whilst arranging fun in-person events and activities. Please visit the following to find out more.. LGBT+ PLUS Spectrum.

As well as our regular LGBT+ PLUS Social we also have our very own LGBT+ PLUS Active group, which is made up of a section of our members who love to get out and about in the environment, and maintain a generally healthy lifestyle. Please visit the following to find out more.. LGBT+ PLUS Active.

As a modern forward thinking social group we believe in being a decentralised and organically evolving group, where every single member has the opportunity to have their say in its direction. Our project teams are an exciting incentive for all visitors to our regular LGBT+ PLUS Social to get involved with. Please visit the following link to find out more.. LGBT+ PLUS Organiser.

Now that you know a little bit more about us go ahead and join our growing LGBT+ Community online and invite your friends! This is a dedicated facebook group forum to discuss all topics of an LGBT+ nature, reply and share comments and links with our wider LGBT+ PLUS network. Start the conversation by following this link.. LGBT+ PLUS Online Community.

Meet our current LGBT+ PLUS executive committee team...

For legal purposes and ensuring that we are able to fairly and consistently implement and achieve the aims and objectives of LGBT+ PLUS we have an open and accessible executive committee whom are here to listen to you. Each and every member of the exec team are democratically voted into these roles at each Annual General Meeting.

Please check out our current executive committee team below..


Vice Chair



Assistant Secretary

Equality Officer